The Trust Lawyers
Who We Are

Who We Are

The practice of asset protection and wealth preservation requires a mix of three highly technical and specialized areas of the law: Trusts and Estate Planning, Taxation (including gift, estate, income and international taxation), and Creditors Rights. Although many firms focus on tax and estate planning, only a handful provide this unique combination in a single boutique law firm that performs with the quality, competency, and sophistication of DePinto Faldetta, LLP.

Our clients include physicians, attorneys, other licensed professionals, business owners, real estate investors, senior citizens, and retired individuals. Our clients share a common goal: to protect their accumulation of assets and insulate their nest eggs from potential claims arising from future creditors, lawsuits against business and real property owners, estate and gift taxes, and the long-term care. They also seek to protect their assets to ensure the passing of their wealth once they are no longer here.

DePinto Faldetta has handled individual plans for assets in excess of $200 million each. Still, our clients do not have to make the Forbes fortune list to be candidates for our services. We work with all clients who believe they have something to protect, from a residence representing their life savings to real estate investors, professionals, and business owners who have amassed millions of dollars in assets.

Inheritance is not the passing down of money and things. It is the gift of a lifetime of hard work and ideals to a child. It is the knowledge that you can still be there even if your physical presence can no longer be felt. By creating a plan, you can protect these gifts. Inheritance brings the need for a plan that allows children to accomplish greatness on their own by taking away the fear of losing life’s necessities, yet a plan that at the same time does not cause the waste and indulgence of a sudden windfall. That is what a trust was meant to achieve.
– David J. DePinto