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We spend a considerable amount of time and energy accumulating wealth. At some point there comes a time to preserve this wealth, both for our continued enjoyment and for future generations. An effective estate plan ensures that your hard-earned wealth will remain intact as it passes to your children or other beneficiaries.

DePinto Faldetta, LLP brings tools and techniques to their clients that are traditionally available only through large law firms. We focus exclusively on the preservation of wealth, drawing on our advanced degrees in Taxation, CPA background, and years of experience.

The firm assists those who are looking to protect what they have accumulated through a customized planning process, which may include any combination of the following: the creation of trusts; structured family entities; generational and business succession planning; philanthropic engineering; estate, income and gift tax consequences of such planning; administration of the plan after it is created and, if necessary, litigating claims involving trusts, powers of attorney, estates, wills, and family businesses.

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